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Years in review: 201920202021

What can one say about the year of the pandemic?

The Before Times: January to March

Eryn and I started dating in January. Being with her has been such a joy, and I can't imagine how I could have made it through 2020 without her.

I went on two work trips before everything ground to a halt: one to A Coruña, Spain for CSS and one to New Zealand for the TAG.

Speaking of work, I helped to start the Privacy CG in January.

I'm thrilled to announce the creation of the Privacy Community Group at @W3C.

The Privacy CG develops privacy-focused, cross-browser web standards to improve user privacy on the web. If that sounds interesting to you, please join us! All are welcome.

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Everything shut down a week or two after I got home from New Zealand, and stayed that way for the rest of the year.

Pandemic Living

Adjusting to life in the pandemic was hard, especially the months before Erin and I expanded our family pod to include Eryn and during which we had EJ at home instead of in preschool. But we adapted and settled into the new normal.

In August, during the worst fire season California's seen, we all went to Atascadero for my birthday. We had a remarkably fun time stuck inside somewhere different for a change.


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