Theresa O’Connor


In July 2022 the TAG had a face-to-face meeting in London, England. I took Eryn along, and we spent a week vacationing in Greece afterward.

The meeting was very productive, though we ended up ditching the planned agenda for day 3 in favor of spending that time on an extended retrospective session in which we examined how we work, what's going well, and what can be improved. This was as great as it was necessary.

Besides an overnight layover in 2020, I'd never actually been to London, so I tried to make the most of the small amount of non-work time I had. We toured the Tower of London. We visited the British Museum, paying special attention to the Egyptian and Greek collections. Seeing the Rosetta Stone in person was humbling, and the Parthenon exhibit was simultaneously wonderful and infuriating. Actually, to be honest, the entire museum is infuriating. It's an unrepentant and unapologetic monument to the imperialist theft of many of the world's most precious artifacts. To see the Parthenon exhibit a week before visting the Parthenon itself really underscored it for me. How fucking dare they.

On a more pleasant note, London is a great city to eat and drink in. We had fabulous coffee at (the James Hoffmann-approved) Espresso Room, a number of great craft beers during multiple visits to The Euston Tap, and great meals all over town, mostly with the TAG, including some delightful Indian takeaway on the patio at Hadley & Dan's. The TAG (including Tim!) and some friends of the TAG went out to Grow in Hackney for a lovely dinner one night.