Theresa O’Connor


After spending a week in London, Eryn and I went on vacation to Greece in August 2022. We spent four nights on the mainland, mainly in Athens, and four nights on the island of Lesbos.


We stayed at a cute little hotel in Kerameikos, but didn't get much of a chance to explore its immediate surroundings.

Over just a couple of days in town we hit a number of the sights: the Acropolis (including the Parthenon) and its museum, the Agora (including the Temple of Hephaestus) and its museum, the National Garden and Syntagma Square.

On our second night in town Lea, Chris, and Zoe took us out to dinner at Artisinal, a fantastic restaurant out in Kifissia. Zoe is such a sweet kid, and she's grown so much since I last saw her in A Coruña.


The next day we rented a car and drove out to Delphi where, after touring the museum, we climbed the hill to the Athenian Treasury, the Temple of Apollo, the theatre, and the stadium. We definitely earned the many calories in the fantastic dinner we had on the patio at To Patriko Mas that night.

We spent the night at a little B&B, Pitho Rooms. The owner was super friendly and we had a great stay.

Σκάλα Ερεσού (Λέσβος)

We flew to Mytilene on Lesbos and headed west to Skala Eresou, Sappho's hometown. The town is adorable. While small, there are an outsized number of restaurants and shops strung along its clean, clear beach. A bunch of hippies moved there in the 60s; the small, year-round population are very chill and friendly.

Every spring and summer since the 80s queer women from around the world descend on it for a couple of weeks of sunshine in community. The town even has Flamingo Beach Bar, a lovely lesbian bar open from May to September. They took such good care of Eryn and me while we were in town.