Theresa O’Connor


In I went to W3C’s annual TPAC conference in Seville. It was my first visit to that city and my first trip back to Spain since before the pandemic. After the conference wrapped up, I spent one night each in Cordoba and Madrid before heading home.

Sevilla & TPAC

Despite being in Seville for a week I didn’t see any of the sites. I just had enough time to attend TPAC. I did manage to see a flamenco performance (thanks, Elena), which was wonderful, and I ate a number of great meals at various restaurants.


The conference itself was wonderful. TPAC is primarily a conference I attend for work, of course, but it’s also an annual reunion of some lovely, nerdy people who really care about the Web, several of whom I count among my dearest friends. A very non-exhaustive list of highlights in no particular order:


From Seville I (barely) caught my Avant train to Córdoba where, upon arrival, I found my hotel reservation had gone awry. This was very quickly sorted out and I ended up with a perfectly serviceable hotel room just around the corner. I had dinner at El Astronauta and went to bed.

The next morning I visited the Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba. It’s simply incredible.

After having a simple lunch in the Jardines de la Agricultura I caught another Avant to Madrid. I had a lovely and wide-ranging conversation with the two ladies sitting behind me on the train.


I had significantly less than 24 hours in Madrid but I managed to make the most of it. I stayed at the Hotel Urban just east of the Puerta del Sol. I spent some time wandering around Chueca, Madrid’s gayborhood, where I shopped at Librería Berkana. After visiting another queer bookstore, the transfeminist Mary Read, I had dan dan noodles at Zen Noodle Bar before spending several delightful hours at Fulanita de Tal, one of Madrid’s more well-known lesbian nightclubs. I ended the evening at my hotel’s rooftop bar, and then took a leisurely bath before bed. I think I spent less than 90 minutes in my bed that night. I slept extremely well on the plane ride home the next morning.